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We are pleased to announce a new series of performance opportunities available to our Central Indiana musicians. The Phillips Music Guild is partnering with Indianapolis Musicians Local #3 to present a series of educational music performances in conjunction with the Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF.)


The Phillips Music Guild was founded in 1998 with a mission to support music education in the Central Indiana area. Recently, the Guild was presented with a gift from the estate of Patrick and Frances Mitchell. These funds are being made available to sponsor MPTF performances. We expect to support 20-40 such performances over several years.


The mission of the Guild is primarily educational. As such, the Guild will sponsor only projects that have a clear educational purpose. However, we take an expansive view of “education”, recognizing that there are many ways to share knowledge and many different audiences that can benefit from such knowledge. In particular, we are not limiting these projects to school-aged audiences or classroom settings. We support life-long learning and seek to impact a diverse community with these projects.


The ideal projects will have some of the following characteristics:

  • A significant audience in a setting where there can be a meaningful interaction between performers and audience
  • Clear educational purpose, with some specific messages/outcomes beyond simply “playing some music”
  • Program content planned to highlight things such as:
    - important moments in music history,
    - cultural/political impact of the art on society,
    - evolution of the art form, instruments, or technologies,
    - commercial impact of the arts,
    - progress of production values and technologies, or
    - other topics of interest
  • Encouragement of life-long learning through instrumental music

These guidelines are intentionally broad to allow artists the flexibility to develop programs they are
comfortable presenting.


  • All projects must meet the normal MPTF requirements (i.e. available to the public with no admission charges)

  • Projects must have a clear educational purpose

  • Preference will be given to smaller projects involving 1-6 performers

  • Projects must support instrumental music (instruction, appreciation or production)

  • Emphasis is on Marion County and nearby areas

Next Steps

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


If you think you have a performance opportunity that meets the goals of this series, please complete an online application.