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Q: When does this program begin?
A; Project proposals may be submitted immediately.

Q: How long will this program run?
A: As long as the Mitchell gift lasts. We expect these projects will run through 2024.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of projects that will be sponsored?
A: There are two limits. First the MPFT allocates project funds nationwide, so Local 3 is limited by the MPTF allocation. In addition, the Phillips Guild wishes to support a variety of projects serving a diversity of communities, and that will affect our approval choices.


Q: Are there geographic limitations?
A: Yes.  The Phillips Guild of Indianapolis concentrates on music education in the greater Indianapolis area (Marion County and other nearly communities.)


Q: What are the requirements of the MPTF?
A: The event must be available to the public. (There can be consideration of programs presented within schools.) There must be no admission charge, cover or other fees charged to the audience. Freewill offerings, additional sponsorships and other income sources are permitted as long as the audience is not required to pay admission. The MPTF must be acknowledged through signage and announcements, including photo or video documentation.


Q: Must the performers be active members of Local #3?
A: The bandleader must be a Local #3 member in good standing. It is not required that every performer be a member of the union, but we encourage that.


Q: When will the performers get paid?
A: We expect the performers will be paid at the time of the performance as long as the bandleader provides information on a timely basis. The Phillips Guild will issue checks, and manage the payment of work dues and pension contributions.


Q: How many performers can participate in a project?
A: The Phillips Guild wishes to leverage the Mitchell Funds across a significant number of projects. Generally speaking, we will prefer an ensemble size of 6 or fewer, but may consider other projects based on their educational merit and reach.


Q: Will there be pay for rehearsals?
A: In general, we wish to support programs that are already defined and do not need additional rehearsal. We will consider sponsoring projects requiring rehearsals on a case-by-case basis.


Q: What steps does the bandleader perform?
A: Submit a project proposal. Typically, this will occur 6-8 weeks before the performance. Once approved by MPTF and the Guild, the bandleader confirms with the event host. At least 2 weeks prior to the performance, the bandleader provides the names and SSN of each performer (SSN is required for the pension contribution). On the day of the performance, the bandleader acknowledges MPTF and collects documentation of the event (photo or video) which is provided to the Guild (and in turn, to Local #3 and MPTF.)


Q: How much is the pay?
A: Most of these performances will fall under the "casual engagement" scale. If the group consists of two or more players, the rate per musician would be $92 (wages) + $4.60 (5% work dues) + $5.52 (6% pension contribution), or $102.12 gross pay per musician.  If a single musician performs, the “casual engagement” rate is $185 (wages) + $9.25 (5% work dues) + $11.10 (6% pension), or $205.35 gross pay. There may be additional stipends for situations that require cartage.


Q: How do I apply?
A: Use this online application.

Q: These are “education projects”. How do you define “education”?
A: See the program guidelines.