1. Timbre and the Sound Spectrum

    of Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis to discuss the sound spectrum and how it relates to instrument timbre. In this video, suitable for classroom use, we use Izotope RX6 to visualize a wide variety of sounds in order to understand how the sound...

  2. Telemann Canonic Sonatas

    intended to be played as a duet, with the second player beginning a prescribed period after the first player. In this video, Angela Werle and Dr. Lee Jones demonstrate Telemann’s clever composition skills by playing Canonic Sonata No. 1....

  3. Flute Family

    Victor Villarreal demonstrates the full family of flutes, from piccolo to contrabass flute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvNhItDH4HQ

  4. Brass Mutes

    Brass players can achieve a wide variation in timbre (quality of sound) through the use of mutes. In this session, Guild mentors demonstrate many different brass mutes, some common and some that are quite obscure....

  5. Physics of the Trombone Slide

    This presentation was recorded at Creston Middle School on April 14, 2012. Craig Parmerlee discusses basic physics concepts (Newton’s first two laws of motion) as they apply to the motion of a trombone slide. Modern carbon fiber materials present an...

  6. Everything you Never Knew about the Bassoon

    Dr. Lee Jones of the Phillips Music Guild of Indianapolis introduces the bassoon, including the unusual properties of the instrument, reed construction, and fingering difficulties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQRBk3UlRJg

  7. Pitch and Intonation

    Craig Parmerlee presents this lesson from the Phillips Music Guild of Indianapolis; an introduction to the principles of sound and pitch. This topic provides practical guidance a musician can use to improve their intonation when playing in ensemble....

  8. Video: Earn an Instrument awards 5/16/2018

    Congratulations to Robert and Malachi of the IPS Edison School for the Arts in recognition of their successful completion of the program. Special thanks to Ms. Michele Pickard who teaches and inspires these students daily....

  9. Mitchell Educational Series - FAQs

    is not required to pay admission. The MPTF must be acknowledged through signage and announcements, including photo or video documentation. Q: Must the performers be active members of Local #3? A: The bandleader must be a Local #3 member in good...

  10. Why so much modern music is awful

    Do you know what the "Millennial Whoop" is? This video explores, from scientific and economic perspectives, megatreds that have been conspiring to make much of our pop music really awful. It did not just happen. There are powerful factors at work. This...

  11. Space Oddity

    First music video from space https://youtu.be/KaOC9danxNo

  12. Spring 2019 project with Arsenal Tech HS

    to perform in the May 16 Spring concert. The Guild created a medley arrangement to fit the ATHS band for this occasion. This video shows excepts from their rehearsal on April 25, including some work on the Medley. The elements of this performance are...

  13. Jimmy Robertson Band "The Evolution of Jazz"

    Miler Elementary School on February 8, 2019. The band delivered a highly interactive program on "The Evolution of Jazz" This video has some of the highlights. https://youtu.be/EUkhqxxVglM

  14. 2018 Holiday Events - Recap

    The Phillips Guild presented three events in Indianapolis during December, 2018. This video shows some of the highlights from Tinsel Trumpets, Jingle Bones, and Saxy Santas. https://youtu.be/tqB0DXKFugU

  15. Possibly the Best Composer You Never Heard Of

    many of Hanna-Barbera's most successful productions. But the company credited him only as Musical Director. In the following video, jump to 33:45 where the profile of Hoyt Curtin begins. https://youtu.be/Jl06yxaa0gQ?t=2025

  16. Just for Fun

    Music can make us think. Music can make us remember. Music can motivate us. And music can make is laugh. This collection of videos shows the amazing capacity of humans to use music to thrill, amaze, and entertain. If you discover a video you think...

  17. SF Symphony Plays Paparazzi

    “KokoMcMonkey” arranged Paparazzi for synthesizer orchestra, and synchronized with real orchestra video.

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