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The Phillips Guild accepts donations of instruments that are in good playing condition suitable for student use.  We may not be able to accept instruments that have significant damage or otherwise significant repairs to bring up to playing condition.  The Guild works with selected partner schools to put these instruments in the hands of students who demonstrate diligence and passion for music and who otherwise could not afford their own instrument.  That program is described below.  If you are a potential donor or a school band teacher who would like to know more about this program, please contact us.


How it Works

The Phillips Guild works with schools to provide instruments to young band students based on financial need, aptitude, and commitment to the effort required to play the instrument well. These are used instruments donated by friends of the Guild. The Guild works with Musician’s Repair and Sales to make sure the instrument is in good playing condition when you receive it.

Students are nominated by their school band director. If accepted, the Guild provides an instrument to the student on loan during a demonstration period. Students are assigned exercises that they must master during the demonstration period. At the end of the demonstration period, if you have demonstrated diligence, made the expected progress, and remain in good standing with the school band program, the Guild awards the instrument to you permanently with no strings attached. If you do not meet the goals during the demonstration period, then you must return the instrument.There are no costs to you for participation in this program.

The Process

Your band teacher nominates students for the program. Each school has a limited number of nominations so being nominated is special.

If your nomination is accepted by the Guild, the Guild will assign a mentor who will meet with you regularly during the demonstration period. At the time you are selected, you will meet with your teacher and mentor to identify goals you will try to achieve during the demonstration period. Your parent or guardian must sign an agreement that lists these goals. At that point, you will receive the instrument to start the demonstration period.

Your teacher and mentor want you to succeed. They will work with you during the demonstration program to help you meet your goals.

The demonstration period will normally be about 3 months. At the end of the demonstration period, if you have met those goals, the Guild will present you with a Certificate of Accomplishment and the instrument will be yours to keep.