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  • The Guild can use 4-drawer file cabinets -- legal size -- for music storage

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The Phillips Music Guild of Indianapolis serves talented central Indiana school age instrumental music students through volunteer adult mentoring

We use a variety of musical styles and tuition-free ensembles to develop a lifelong passion for the joy of music performance and enriching their lives by building upon and broadening their school experience.


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The Phillips Music Guild can always use financial support for our programs. If you make any purchases on Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile.  Shop as usual. Amazon will automatically make a small donation to the Guild with each purchase, and it costs you nothing.

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Phillips Guild launches


This program recycles good-condition used nstruments to be awarded at no cost to the most diligent students who otherwise might not be able to own an instrument.

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The Phillips Music Guild is an all volunteer organization.

We welcome financial donations to help offset our operating costs.

We welcome donation of instruments in good playing ocndition.

We welcome mentors willing to give their time supporting Guild programs.


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Our vision is that the study, performance, and appreciation of music can be a vital force in the community. The study of music develops logical, mathematical, and social skills. The performance of music develops planning, respect, creativity and teamwork while providing enjoyment for the listening public. These opportunities were given to first-generation members of the Guild by the personal efforts of Robert Phillips, and we are now passing these opportunities on to future generations.

The mission of the Phillips Music Guild of Indianapolis is to be a catalyst, bringing together resources to create, support or amplify the study and performance of music in the Central Indiana area, and to encourage similar activities beyond our direct reach. We add value by leveraging our relationships in the musician community, our organization, planning and communication resources and our access to funding.