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On August 31, 1988, Bob Phillips (using his stage name Barton Rogers) appears on the WFYI radio program of legendary jazz drummer Dick Dickinson.  We have located a copy of that interview and restored it.  “Barton” and Dick talk about a wide range of topics, allowing “Barton” to share some of his philosophies and techniques that we try to carry on in the Phillips Music Guild.

We have condensed this original 50-minute program to 22 minutes of content that is still highly relevant today.

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“Barton Rogers” with Dick Dickinson

Music based on love: jazz drummer Dick Dickinson

For more than two decades of Wednesday nights at the Chatterbox Jazz Club, drummer Dick Dickinson has given young jazz players a chance to learn the craft under a sure and swinging hand. And a solid beat wasn’t all he had to offer to each tyro. He also built the stage they anxiously crept upon. Dickinson built the bandstand soon after he started drumming at the Chatterbox in 1986, using industrial-grade maroon carpeting he hijacked from a Pizza Hut. Though worn now, the carpeting denotes the charm of the Chatterbox, seen in the graffiti on the walls, bar and bathrooms, the odd knick-knacks found throughout or the photos of past and present musicians and customers.

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