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Jazz Heritage: Ragtime

From Shirley Judkins, Originator of Jazz Works….Pass it On!

RAGTIME: 1880’s-Early 1900s

      Ragtime was one of the early musical styles that contributed to the development of Jazz. Composed primarily for the piano,  it originated in the Southern U.S. during the late 1800’s.  

       Ragtime combined a 16th  note-based syncopated melody with the form and feel of a march.

       On the piano this was achieved by the pianist’s left hand playing a steady “boom-chic” bass and chord pattern and the right hand playing the syncopated tune.  Playing in this syncopated style was called “ragging”, probably the origin of the term (“rag-time”)  RAGTIME

RAGTIME MUSICIANS: Scott Joplin, James Scott, Tom Turpin, (Indiana May Aufderheide)

Did You Know?  Before the radio, player pianos provided a popular way to hear the  newest ragtime tunes. In early 1900’s there were over 150 manufacturers of pianos in the U.S. The Starr Piano company in Richmond,IN was  one of the major piano manufacturers in U.S. Later it became manufacturer of electrical appliances, then became Gennett Studios.


  I-VI7- II7-V7-I     Key of C (C-A7-D7-G7-C)      Key of F   (F-D7-G7-C7-F)

  Songs: Jada, Sweet Georgia Brown (Start on VI7)

  I-III7-VI7-II7-V7-I   Key of C: ( C-E7-A7-D7-G7-C)  Key of F: (F-A7-D7-G7-C7-F)

  Songs: Charleston, 5 Foot 2, Basin Street  

(Variation I-III7-vi7-II7-V7-I

  Lover Come Back to Me

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